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(simply) shape

A new approach to teaching new adventurous sketchers notions of describing space(aka perspective), I thought it would be a good approach to simply have the students look at the bigger shapes within their view and as a result  fall into the magical realm of figure/ground.

Figure: The main focus of the composition (positive space)

Ground: The secondary portion of the composition (negative space)

Melrose_Market_HomegrownSustainableSandwichShop_Seattle1 shapeoverly

This Melrose Market viewpoint is a great view and helpful example describing these notions.

The figure/ground approach is where you switch the drawing’s visual quality by manipulating the relationship of figure and ground;  this becomes a powerful drawing tool.

Not unlike, turning your view upside down, you practice the notion of keeping the items you see in simple shapes, importantly not naming the list of characters and study the negative space that defines the positive forms.

fg    fgupside

This study was created using this method of figure/ground, form defined by negative shapes; thinking in only shapes.

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