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upside down and worth it.


uptschaller up2 up1

Here is the assignment:

Select a painting, turn it upside down.

Regard only shape and value.

Graphite study, then watercolor value study.

Evaluate turn right side up and ‘pat on the back!’


dual 2 dual1


Powerful tool here with so many lessons wrapped into one. Once I turned right side up, I realized the many tools emerging and grand lessons learned. The small watercolor study also prepared me in defining the edges I may need in a final view and also prepared me to think in the (3) layers I will utilize to create/replicate this beautiful Tom Schaller work. Larger shapes emerged and I was squinting like crazy. Understanding of the artist’s composition and spatial relationships also became clear.

ahl#1 tschaller


Here is the larger painting, created upside down too. The work will by no means be an exact replication of this master; however the value reads.  I have a good start on the next many studies;  more to come.

Great exercise! Mine’s on the left!

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