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with high regard


That all important concept of composition; a concept and direction a bit elusive to some and sometimes not regarded.

Composition is a powerful design tool in painting and drawing, always.

Take a look at master’s work and analyze their design thoughts; sensible and evocative notions in addressing a page.

The compositional unit is where the creative endeavor is focused.

It refers to the sum total of its parts and it is how these parts come to- gether or are organized that dictates the strengths of a drawing.

It is a conscious consideration of the whole drawing area.

In this article, one of many on composition: the author states:

‘Children seem to start out with a near perfect sense of composition, if you have small children or are lucky enough to have any of your old drawings you created as a child I’m sure you’ll find the same to be true.

Younger children see the edges of the paper as a whole frame to fill, and they often fill them with a great sense of balance.

When you start to grow up, you know – really old like 9 or 10, that’s where the drawing problems start. The focus shifts and is aimed away from composition to the pursuit of something far more important, where the accolades are huge and respect even greater, the quest for the ultimate prize …… realism…’

here is one my son created when he was young of his Mama:

me (addressing the edges, filling the page, certainly not intimidated by the size of the page either.)

Photographers use a frame each time they focus into their subject; success with a frame and addressing the edges, and defining shapes; the work becomes a well set table.

Having an approach is the first step.

Some of us have a natural tendency to good composition. I work at it each time; with intention and high regard.


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