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3 x’s a charm










All three visits to Civita in my lifetime has meant so much to me:

1985, as a student of architecture  + 2013, as a Civita Institute ‘Fellow’ on residency studying drawing + 2016, as a  Civita Institute teacher.

me1985_crop         italymesmall        img_4818_crop

How fortunate I have been to have a pencil/brush/pen in my hand each time. Italy is a magical place. I always come back speaking of the wonderful Italians; the places, the food,  the time to draw and create.

This last time in Fall 2016, was truly charming. My opportunity to teach brilliant and eager students in Civita was lucky and remarkable. Each day in studio the students were ready and willing to take on drawing concepts, experiment with new media and to simply ‘fall in’ to their work, beautifully.

At the end of each day,  I would peek into studio and see all the new works; feeling satisfied and happy, knowing then, I was where I should be, in Civita, right there.

‘3 times a charm’, for sure.



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