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Crossings: Civita di Bagnoregio

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One of my purposes in studying drawing in Civita was to further my teaching in the subject of abstract and begin to develop methods to understand this expressive side. Abstract drawing is the practice in which one represents their work using emotive powers, allowing the artist to fall into a meditative zone, representing ideas of the ‘unseen.’

This is how I break it down: Representational works: drawing what you see. Abstract works: drawing what you don’t see; aspects of design, feelings and emotions. I start with naming my work which conjures feelings and new emotions about the subject.

In representational exercises, I use tools to describe the subject with line, texture, value, edges, shape, color; those I see within the subject. Then, in the abstract exercise, I delve further into design notions and their relationships. I investigate and probe design concepts of movement, dominance, unity, variety, composition; those unseen within the subject. These studies and design tools aided me in the first steps of ‘crossing over’ to the evocative; mark-making about a place and time, aspects purely felt on a given subject while studying in Civita.

Are you ready to ‘cross over’ to the other aspect of drawing, to the abstract, a non-representational aspect of drawing. Let’s cross together. Come along this Fall.

Contact me with your interest + go here

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