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Lesson 7.1

last week’s assignment #7 I asked you:

‘to start scheming. Send me your ideas. I will send you mine:

I would like to see 3 -5 schematics with notes in about a week.


Below are examples of schematics, a free flow of ideas: to be more clear. (Thank you Jean)

Design is my pathway to strong art. Simultaneously, I am challenging ideas or concepts — 

a free-flow aspect of usual note-taking, media exploration and looking for opportunity in one’s idea. 

Every thought, diagrammed, in an open and non-judgemental way is freeing and enjoyable.

get your sketchbook, a favorite drawing tool and begin:


A key essential is mapping or brainstorming and letting your ideas generate more ideas. Pose a question and where does it take you?

My ‘mapping’ was about my sincere interest in ladders + why?


Again, I ask a basic question, a simple notion and say, ‘What if?’ How would i apply my investigation of ladders: Ideas of color, composition, seeing the ‘ladder’ in different context, format; and enriching design concept further with different media approach. 

These thoughts on paper are key to clear direction at the next turn to apply these concepts in studio.

+ Enjoy the process.

Send concepts my way. Anita

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