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2018 workshops + classes


gathering evidence


2018 Workshop + Classes


gathering evidence, an art show

a remarkable journey of drawing and design.ArtShow_PeterMiller_f

about faces


Reviving old lessons about portrait drawings; soon to teach in Skykomish, WA. 

Thinking about that right brain process. Thanks Betty Edwards and Alex Powers.

I will post images from the workshop.



sk_1 2The Seattle Urban Sketchers were out and about yesterday morning in South Lake Union.

I was helping out as one of the instructors, enjoying being surrounded by sketchers, enthusiastic, eager and talented. I love seeing how bold they all drew and painted (with color!)

Plein Air work is gutsy. One’s senses are on fire; so much out there. Editing is key. Once one warms up then selection becomes easier. I could not help adding the murmuration of bird and their feather remnant in the sketch above.

sk_1 1

My view looking south, as I was demonstrating foreground, middle ground, background and shape in the landscape, I was so surprised to see all those cranes in the skyline. Seattle’s skyline barely recognizable.

The Space Needle was there to assure that we are still in Seattle and all is well.

Summer-time: New Classes and Workshops

“O, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.”
Join me this Summer for some amazing workshops and classes.
Let’s get outside.


value/shape, with charcoal media


Working in Plein air, one needs to understand light and form, simply when observing and recording spaces that ‘involve.’

IMG_1104.jpgOne can say a lot by representing very little and pare down a scene so we are left with the essential and have the information required to make sense of what’s in front of us. Charcoal media lets us stay loose, quick and a definitive, creating the essence of a space that is being explored and defined.

The Georgetown Neighborhood in Seattle is such a great field trip, with endless spaces to draw and experience. Let’s keep Georgetown, Georgetown.



a day in studio.


collage, mark + shape…throw in a bit of texture, too.









IMG_0845     IMG_0846      IMG_0851


‘A Design-Drawing process with Charcoal Media ‘ Urban Sketchers: Seattle


Get out your sketching gear!  Whether you want to start learning how to sketch or have been a long time sketcher, the Seattle 10 x 10 program has the classes for you.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Urban Sketchers, this is the first year long USk program ever.  10 x 10 is also happening in different parts of the world this year.

We are bringing a program to you right here in Seattle too.

Join us.  Check  for information about the class offerings happening internationally.  If you are traveling this year, consider taking a class with one of our sister programs in another country.  This is a great way to meet sketchers around the world as well as learn from some great teachers.

Check here for our program in Seattle and be sure to join us for a free presentation at Daniel Smith Seattle January 28, 2017 11:00 am-1:30 pm.  Meet the other teachers and learn with local sketchers.  This is a great way to get into sketching if you are interested and may need some help.  Tell your friends about this. All levels are welcome!

My workshop day is April 8th, 2017 in Seattle, Ballard,  specifically.

‘A Design-Drawing process with Charcoal Media ‘is the class: shape, composition, media technique and did I say shape? Yes.

Meet in Ballard @ 8:45AM

Address: Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel 5228 Shilshole Ave NW Seattle 98107 and we will sketch until noon; rain or shine.

final_1Check our program information for how to register; limited spaces available.  We encourage you to check out all the classes!

here is the Supply List for my class:

Generals Charcoal Pencils 2 – 3

Generals Charcoal sticks: 2B and 4B

Kneaded Eraser

White Stadler Mars Eraser

Smooth Drawing paper/Sketchbook: 9 x 12 Min

Small Straight Edge

View Finder

Artist Tape

Drawing/Portable Stool

Baby Wipes