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Assignment 8: Place in Time

Lesson 7.1

last week’s assignment #7 I asked you:

‘to start scheming. Send me your ideas. I will send you mine:

I would like to see 3 -5 schematics with notes in about a week.


Below are examples of schematics, a free flow of ideas: to be more clear. (Thank you Jean)

Design is my pathway to strong art. Simultaneously, I am challenging ideas or concepts — 

a free-flow aspect of usual note-taking, media exploration and looking for opportunity in one’s idea. 

Every thought, diagrammed, in an open and non-judgemental way is freeing and enjoyable.

get your sketchbook, a favorite drawing tool and begin:


A key essential is mapping or brainstorming and letting your ideas generate more ideas. Pose a question and where does it take you?

My ‘mapping’ was about my sincere interest in ladders + why?


Again, I ask a basic question, a simple notion and say, ‘What if?’ How would i apply my investigation of ladders: Ideas of color, composition, seeing the ‘ladder’ in different context, format; and enriching design concept further with different media approach. 

These thoughts on paper are key to clear direction at the next turn to apply these concepts in studio.

+ Enjoy the process.

Send concepts my way. Anita

point of view: Civita di Bagnoregio

To have a sacred place is an absolute necessity for anybody today. You must have a room or a certain hour of the day or so, where you do not know who your friends are, you don’t know what you owe anybody or what they owe you. This is a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be.

—Joseph Campbell


Many a day is spent in a quiet place of solitude; one of many gifts of Civita.

 This window to the world in ‘lo studio’ is magical. (One of the apartments available at the Civita Institute). Experience the mystery of clouds that wisp in during the middle of the night, listening to the late summer rains approaching, dodging the visiting bees, cool breezes comforting, sensing the warm light, the valley below extending forever and much eaves dropping to the conversation, mostly in many languages. Whether drinking coffee or sipping wine; this place is a comfortable refuge to conclude the day’s work and plan for the next, turning pages in one’s sketchbook and reflecting in writing and drawing.

Find your sacred space in Civita. Come along this Fall.

Contact me with your interest + go here


driving through paintings, at every turn


My recent adventure, on the road, placed me into a ‘mighty fine’ place:

Pomeroy, Washington

Five hours there and 5 hours back to Seattle, let me experience some beautiful country where I was ‘driving through paintings’ at every turn.


I have new inspiration to head into studio now;  I have ‘work to do’ to describe + evoke this amazing place.


All the design elements play out: line, shape, value, color, edges, textures + space!


I look forward to my work shop in August, out there: letting other adventurers experience the wonder + not too far away + just around the bend. Join me.

Click to access pomeroy_2018_newagenda_ww1.pdf


just saying…

A few testimonials from some wonderful students and adventurers that have participated in my past Civita Workshops.

Come experience Civita with me this Fall 2018. Let’s begin the adventure.

More information here:




‘Civita is fantastically real, an artist’s dream. The spirit of this place is inspiring, breathtaking, and immediately captivating.

Anita’s affection and respect for this magical setting made us feel at home in our studio, and with the rhythms of life in and around Civita. Her talent, patience, and caring mentorship  created one of the most fruitful artistic experiences of my life. Memorable, too, for the many wonderful friendships we created in our time together. ‘


‘Anita’s Civita classes provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore art with a gifted artist while living in an ancient, Italian hill town. Not to be missed!’


We spent a week with Anita in Civita and it was a truly transformative experience.  Our group were of vary levels of skill and interest and Anita adapted her teaching style to each of us in a way that made us all feel comfortable and interested in pushing our own boundaries. Anita is a great teacher uniquely able to adapt her teaching style to each students individual needs. Spend a week with her in Italy. It is a truly great experience!

Jonathon And MC

‘I had the opportunity to spend time in Civita, attending Anita’s second session last October.  For those of you who have never been to Civita or taken a class from Anita, I would highly recommend both.  

Civita is a breathtaking hilltop village with incredible history and charm.  What a perfect place to sketch landscape and architecture.  You stay at the Civita institute which has it’s own appeal – Magical to say the least.

Having been my very first art class, ever, I couldn’t have imagined learning from anyone but Anita.  She is an amazing instructor, architect and artist.  She has the ability to assist beginners to advanced artists.   We used a variety of mediums which helped me narrow down my favorites.  Discovering the use of charcoal, graphic, pastels and watercolor with Anita’s artistic insights provided such a wonderful learning opportunity. 

If you haven’t signed up for this Fall’s session, don’t hesitate, it will be well worth your time and money.

Italy in the fall!  Couldn’t be more perfect. Ciao!’




sk_1 2The Seattle Urban Sketchers were out and about yesterday morning in South Lake Union.

I was helping out as one of the instructors, enjoying being surrounded by sketchers, enthusiastic, eager and talented. I love seeing how bold they all drew and painted (with color!)

Plein Air work is gutsy. One’s senses are on fire; so much out there. Editing is key. Once one warms up then selection becomes easier. I could not help adding the murmuration of bird and their feather remnant in the sketch above.

sk_1 1

My view looking south, as I was demonstrating foreground, middle ground, background and shape in the landscape, I was so surprised to see all those cranes in the skyline. Seattle’s skyline barely recognizable.

The Space Needle was there to assure that we are still in Seattle and all is well.

a day in studio.


collage, mark + shape…throw in a bit of texture, too.









IMG_0845     IMG_0846      IMG_0851


this + that


this + that


about line

When creating a line: 2 concepts.

‘create character and  advance the plot ‘ said Edward Albee, playwright.

This struck me yesterday utilizing this concept as a similar notion of a ‘line of intention’

that I pursue in my own work and teaching.

One’s mark: creating character and advancing the plot.

How wonderful. Great mantra.

I’m on it.