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I arrived home a month ago, really. My trip away was once again a huge learning experience; in Italy and France.

I taught two sessions of evocative/depictive drawing in Civita di Bagnoregio through the Civita Institute in glorious Italy. This was my second year of teaching in Civita.

I was awarded a fellowship in 2013 through the Civita Institute, where I studied drawing in the evocative/depictive process. ‘Bingo!’

My impressions since being home:

  1. Get right to studio and start writing, drawing, painting, collaging etc. The ideas are fresh and evidence is clear.
  2. Be thankful for all the good fortune that came your way while traveling.
  3. Wonder about what may come your way in the future.
  4. Listen.
  5. Find your “bingo’s.”

What are ‘bingo’s’? Simply said, a happening that is spontaneous but you know when it’s a win. One could play the game, Bingo. I like to play it in art. How many keen marks create a bingo? Did I find my ’80/20′? How did that painting feel? Did I leave the paint alone?

Mostly, my ‘bingo’s’ on this trip came from my remarkable group of students.

Each student bringing so much to everything; brave, creative, enthusiastic, cheerful, caring and talented. Bingo! Best students!

So, let’s continue to create those ‘bingo’s’.

Back to studio.




it’s all in a name.

lastbirdhome_1‘last bird home’ ,

a title I borrowed for class last night, as we ventured into the evocative.

From the artist: Mary Newcomb; she had clever and thoughtful, easy approaching titles:

‘strange park full of stars’, and my response, quick notions, concept, approach.


‘every butterfly has a shadow’,


‘man running as in a dream through the forest’,


and ‘the last bird home’.


You guessed it, ‘last bird home’ struck a chord, for sure.

Still responding…lastbirdhome_3 1lastbirdhome_3lastbirdhome_2