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Spring Classes 2015; new sessions

vert   Contact me with your interest.


Additional time offering: Watercolor workshop 3/28 & 29

wc wkshp spring 2015 #2

day 2, still warming up

Warming up; looking for light, wet on wet, value and contrast.

Most importantly, no judgement calls; getting warmer.

And paints at the ready in studio, always.



first of the day, and everyday

Just a quick minute, a brush into water, into paint, onto paper; that’s all it takes.

A warm up for sure; more where that came from.

How about a bit of red today; break from yesterday.

and then there’s tomorrow.


a few class spots available…begins Jan 12th

You are more ready than you think; really.

I get a lot of inquiries about my classes…

do you take beginners?

can I do this?

Simply, yes.

Come experience my joy of teaching, it is contagious. I will inspire you.

You will create authentic works; one’s in which you will be amazed and insipred.

Hope you join us.


that shopping list, watercolor




A great watercolor class last night with two eager students ready to get painting!

This demo was about the re-introduction of the 4 main variables (thank you Tom Hoffmann): color, value, wetness and compostion.

I call this the ‘shopping list’ when approaching a watercolor.

My palate was fairly simple; limiting to 3-4 color choices,  though I ‘threw in’ a spark of turquoise at the final moments. I am loading the brush with more color and paint.


more about edges, soon.

more about edges