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Working with monotype press processes, we will develop an understanding in the power of mark-making and composition. Design concepts covered: line, mark, shape, texture and tone; elements related to dynamic mark-making with monotype press techniques.

January 7 + 8
February 4 + 5
10AM – 4PM each day + lunch included.  

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We will develop an understanding of transparent watercolor, discover its characteristic four variables and work with beauty of the paint. We will study design and composition, along with the magical and fluid aspect of watercolor.

January 21 + 22 with a new session added: February 25 + 26 
10AM – 4PM each day + lunch included.  

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We will use many tools in a ‘fact finding’ mission, discovering the ‘power of a place’ through drawing and painting. Sketches, paintings, drawings + collages will be created of the landscape; creating evocative works, furthering a concept of ‘place’; utilizing tools of watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

February 18 + 19 
10AM – 4PM each day + lunch included.  

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In this workshop we will begin by observing landscape painting and drawing:  to learn about the ‘power of a place’ through drawing. There is a fine granularity and layering to a place and drawing the elements of these places requires rigor and attention to detail – awareness. This rigor, focus, and awareness will enhance one’s skills in the evocative understanding of mark making. Simulation through drawing and by hand, reinforces the true experience of a place in time, again, using all five senses, and instilling permanent habits of drawing, as well as creating indelible memories: a ‘fact finding’ mission. Sketches, paintings, drawings, collages will be collected in a series of sketchbooks; and after initial studies are completed, we will continue to create ‘evocative’ works, furthering concept of ‘place’; utilizing appropriate tools of paint, pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

This workshop will investigate the power of looking at the landscape in the depictive and expressive process.

in 2023: dates to follow.
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This workshop is about drawing, sketching, and painting places, spaces, and objects. The session begins by observing the contextual environment of Civita di Bagnoregio and its surrounding context: learning about the ‘power of a place’ through drawing; mark making inspired by Civita’s extraordinary setting and the beauty of Italy.

at The Civita Institute in Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy.

Session 1:
in 2023 students arrive: 9/11 + depart 9/17

Session 2:
in 2023: students arrive 9/19 + depart 9/25

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(March 6 – 8, 2023)

Whether you want to learn how to draw, rekindle your creative imagination, or broaden your drawing skills, this class will free your ‘inner artist’. This class will guide you through stimulating exercises, focusing on expressive drawing: a free form, abstract approach that any eager artist can master. Concepts covered: line, mark, shape, texture and tone: and critical design concepts related to dynamic mark’ making with mixed media.

Once we initially investigate these expressive drawing concepts, we will apply these specifically to landscape still life drawing + painting processes.

All levels welcome.
March 6 -8, 2023

If not otherwise noted, classes and workshops are held in my studio:
1625 11th Ave West, Seattle, Washington 98119.

Masks and Covid vaccinations required for participation.

Note: There is a $50 cancellation fee. Full credit for a future class/workshop (credit expires one year from date of purchase) if you cancel before 4 weeks before the day of the class/workshop. No refunds for cancellations received less than four weeks before the day of the class/workshop.